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Best use of data

Developing CRM

I’ve currently got some time out and I’m looking at postings on here and I’m seeing a lot of discussion on the topic of making the best use of data. It’s great to see this, as so often the focus is on the skills required for a role or the benefits of software and hardware, which can often come across as the solution to the problem.

Personally I get very frustrated at the disconnect between the needs of the business and making best use of the technology available. From a data perspective if the solution is not directly relevant and directly linked to business activity then there are opportunities, and in a couple of scenarios recently this is so apparent. 

Developing crm to increase return on investments

Over the past 6 months I’ve gone into several ‘high value’ car showrooms and it comes across that CRM is barely up and running, with the focus purely being on sales. The multimillion pound showrooms look impressive, there are lots of staff, and in some dealerships there are even some tablets to capture customer information.

However, it comes across that there is a lot of potential to develop CRM further and in one context get a return on the investments already made. Making better use of the data they will already be collecting could make a huge difference to the customer experience.

I’d really like to speak to anyone involved in this area to see what is already planned for their brand or to discuss the experiences I’ve had to see whether these will be addressed or can be considered in their current customer journey discussions/planning. I’m not interested in being negative, I’d rather focus on the potential benefits, feel free to message me if you’d like to discuss further.